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Kindness Never Quits from Kristopher James

October 7, 2019



Before listening to Kindness Never Quits, the latest from Bradenton's Kristopher James, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. However, once I jumped into this record the more enjoyed every bit of it. James' soulful vocals cary this collection of songs about love, broken relationships and redemption.


The album opens with the title track - "Kindness Never Quits" - a tune that carries a message we should all follow. Just being kind to each other is always a good thing and it is easy and simple to follow. Beautiful melodies and catchy lyrics make this a real easy song to listen to. James sings of falling in love on "The Very Start" and "Didn't Mean to Fall". The first is a beautiful duet with Moorea Masa about love from the start while the other track the love is a bit unexpected. Either way it is welcomed by all parties involved. Songs such as "Love You Better", "Start Over" and "We Ain't Never" find James examining broken relationships. How did things go wrong? Can they be fixed or are they doomed to fall apart forever? While answers to these questions do not get answered it is this ambiguity that makes the listeners part of the songs. After listening to these songs quite a few times, the track "Hurts" has to be the song that will hit listeners the hardest. Musically, vocally and lyrically James has given us a beautiful song drenched in sorrow, doubt and regret.


Kindness Never Quits is a group of songs that will touch your soul. James' words deliver studies in love, the good and the bad, that we can all relate to. Musically the album feels familiar with classic sounds while being new and refreshing at the same time. Vocally is where James pulls everything together as his soulful voice keeps listeners locked in to his every word. Most of you have probably never heard of Kristopher James and I am not sure where his career will go but for now give this record a listen you will not be disappointed.









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